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This contract is entered into between TDF Enterprises, LLC, an Iowa limited liability company, doing business as QC LIMO BUS (hereafter “Lessor”);  and:



Phone number:

Drivers License Number 

Hereafter, the “Customer.”

In RE: TDF Enterprises, LLC PayPal Invoice Number:

Therefore, it is agreed by both parties:

The Lessor will provide transportation services in exchange for payment as outlined in the above referenced invoice or the invoice as modified in accepted written communications. This agreement will not be legally binding unless accompanied by an invoice issued by the Lessor.

In addition, the parties agree as follows: 

  • The Customer is defined as the contract holder and the person whom either physically signs this agreement or makes an electronic signature, regardless of who coordinated the event or made the reservation. All terms will be enforced against the Customer. The Lessor will not mediate disputes between the Customer and other party members, except as required by Court order.
  • The Lessor is defined as TDF Enterprises, LLC.
  • The Lessor’s Operator is defined as the Lessor and/or its members, owners, managers, agents, employees, drivers, or contractors.
  • The contract period is defined as the contractual time for pick-up to the contractual time for drop-off.
  • The lease period is defined from the time the vehicle arrives at the Customer’s pick-up location until the vehicle has departed from the Customer’s drop-off location
  • A member of the party includes all persons in or around the vehicle, regardless if any persons were a member of the “starting party” or were added during the lease period by another other party member or the Customer.
  • Headers used in this document are for organizational purposes only and do not restrict any terms or conditions to a specific time range.
  • Italicized comments are for illustration purposes only and do not limit the scope of the clause.


  • 14 or more days in advance: Bookings may be rescheduled 14 or more days prior to the booking to another date subject to vehicle and driver availability, for no penalty. Future credit may be issued in lieu of an immediate reschedule. Cancelled bookings 14 or more days in advance will be subject to $200 cancellation fee and the remainder of any prepaid rental amount will be refunded less fees.
  • Less than 14 days in advance: Reschedules may be permitted at the Lessor’s discretion and are not guaranteed. Bookings cancelled within 14 days forfeit the full rental amount. Any balance due shall be payable to the Lessor and due prior to the date of the cancelled event. Processing fees may apply. Note: cancellations apply to the original event date and request for reschedule, i.e. it is not permitted to reschedule to a future date within the 14 day period, then cancel to avoid the rental fee forfeiture. 
  • Applicable refunds will be issued within 5 business days by method to be determined by the Lessor. This may include refund back to the card used or a mailed check.


  • Please inform the booking agent of your intended pick-up location, destinations, and drop-off location when making your reservation. Unless prior agreed in writing, no destination may extend past a 12 air-mile radius of the Interstate 74 Bridge over the Mississippi River. This included area includes Port Byron, LeClaire, Bettendorf, Davenport, Eldridge, Park View, Rock Island, Andalusia, Milan, Moline, East Moline, Silvis, Coal Valley and Colona. Service outside this area needs to be coordinated with the booking agent in advance, fuel surcharges and travel fees may apply.
  • Please inform the booking agent if your event is intended to provide transportation for minors, defined as four or more persons under the age of 21 years (e.g. Proms, Quinceañeras, school dances). It is the Lessor’s policy that all events transporting minors must be chaperoned by at least one, and preferably two or more, responsible legal guardians unless otherwise agreed, in writing, prior to the event. The legal guardian will be required to sign an acknowledgement of the terms of this lease and agree to enforce all policies of the Lessor.
  • Full or partial payment is due at lease agreement and the booking is not confirmed until payment has been made, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The invoice issued to the Customer by the Lessor will indicate if a full or the amount of partial payment due. Unconfirmed bookings are not reserved and the Lessor may lease the vehicle to another party.
  • If a partial payment (i.e. down payment) is permitted under an Invoice, the remaining balance can be paid online anytime up to 1 business day prior to the event. Balances may also be paid by check received by the Lessor up to 5 business days prior to the event. The Customer is obligated to notify the Lessor if they are mailing a check and the Lessor shall not be responsible for checks not received (e.g. lost in mail). Returned or bounced checks are subject to a $50 fee due immediately to the Lessor.
  • The remaining balance within 1 business day is due immediately at the time of pick-up, in CASH. The Lessor’s Operator does not have the ability to process credit or debit cards in the vehicle. Should it be necessary to phone in a card number to the leasing agent or other responsible party, a convenience fee of up to 25% may be added by the Lessor.
  • Occasionally, non-safety related vehicle failures may occur prior to or during a lease. These can include, but are not limited to, failures of air conditioning, lighting, or stereo equipment. When possible, the Lessor’s Operator will attempt to repair the system or substitute the vehicle. Should repair or substitution not be possible, the Lessor is not liable to the Customer for any refund if transportation services can be safely provided even without added amenities.
  • While we strive to provide the requested vehicle, the Lessor reserves the right to substitute a reserved vehicle for another vehicle at any time with or without notice. The Lessor may also subcontract to another transportation provider with or without notice.
  • Rental price does not include driver gratuity unless expressly notated in the invoice or in other written form.


  • The Customer is responsible and agrees to be held liable for the actions of all party members during the entire lease period.
  • Lessor is not liable in cases of unexpected breakdowns, accidents, severe or winter weather, DOT inspections, traffic, acts of God, or any condition or incident that may delay a timely arrival, delay in-route transportation, or cause a cancellation of the lease. In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical or weather, such as “no travel advisories,” the booking may be scheduled for another date or a credit issued to be used towards a future booking. The Lessor is not obligated to issue a refund.
  • While the Lessor’s Operator will strive to accommodate Customer itineraries, the Lessor is not responsible nor liable for missing itinerary times. The contract period does not change if the Customer or their party are late or not ready for the vehicle. For example, if some members of your party are half an hour late, you don't get the vehicle for an extra half hour at the end of the night.
  • The Lessor is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to any Customer or party member’s property in the vehicle during the duration of the lease. It is advised to not leave unattended valuables in the vehicle.
  • At no time shall the Customer’s party exceed the maximum posted capacity of the vehicle. The Lessor’s Operator reserves the right to force individuals out of the vehicle or end the lease early if maximum capacity is exceeded. Vehicle capacities are posted on the the website and are posted in each vehicle.
  • The Customer may not attach or affix any items, including but not limited to, streamers or decor to the vehicle’s interior or exterior without prior written approval. This can create additional damage - such as tape removal damaging the paint.
  • The Customer shall not use any material or beverage that may make excessive mess and require extra cleaning by the Lessor. Examples include, but are not limited to, Styrofoam coolers, confetti, glitter, rice, bubbles, Silly String, and gelatin (e.g. Jello shots). The Customer shall be liable to the Lessor for any damages or cleaning required from use of these items by any party member. Generally, if a vehicle requires more than a single-pass dry-sweep or wet-mop after an event, the cleaning is considered excessive.
  • Smoking and vaping is generally not permitted in any vehicle. The Lessor’s Operators are authorized to permit smoking by passengers, in buses only, but are not obligated to permit smoking for health reasons. Note: Cleaning fees for permitted smoking may apply (e.g. cigarette butts or excessive odor). Smoking is never permitted in limousines. Smoking is 100% at the driver's discretion. Do not assume that smoking will be allowed on the bus. 
  • Absolutely no pets are permitted in any vehicle. Only service dogs as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are permitted. Comfort or emotional support animals are not considered service dogs and are not permitted in any vehicle. 
  • Illegal substances are not permitted in any vehicle. Failure to abide may result in immediate termination of the lease and forfeiture of the full booking payment. The Lessor may contact Law Enforcement if illegal substances are found or noticed. Marijuana is not permitted in any vehicle under Federal Law as the Lessor’s Operator may cross state lines at any time.
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying or possessing weapons in all vehicles, including but not limited to, blades, knives, explosives, and firearms; even if the passenger possesses a valid carry permit.
  • Customers are responsible for providing their own beverages, the Lessor is prohibited by law from providing or selling alcohol. No alcoholic beverages may be placed or stored forward of the standee line (e.g. in the driver area or front dashboard). The Lessor does not provide ice or coolers. Please drink responsibly.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted inside the vehicle only and are not permitted outside the vehicle. You may be cited for public consumption or intox! 
  • No passenger under the legal drinking age may consume alcoholic beverages. The Customer is responsible for compliance and the Lessor’s Operator is not responsible for verifying identification.
  • Threats to the Lessor’s Operator, fighting or violence between passengers in or around the vehicle will result in immediate termination of the lease and forfeiture of the full booking payment. Law Enforcement may be called to quell such violence or remove passengers from the vehicle.
  • Having law enforcement or other emergencies services (e.g. ambulance called for overly intoxicated passenger) present with the vehicle at any time harms the Lessor’s public image. To compensate for these difficult to quantify damages, a $250 fee will apply if any emergency services is called to, or stops, the vehicle for any reason. Calling emergency services is at the Lessor’s Operator’s discretion and the fee will apply even if the Customer doesn’t want or desire to have emergency services called. The fee will also apply if any passenger or third party summons emergency services. This clause excludes routine DOT inspections unless passenger-responsible violations are found during the inspection (e.g. illegal drugs, underage drinking).
  • The Lessor’s Operator reserves the right to eject any individual(s) whom they deem to be disruptive, intoxicated, or pose a safety threat to themselves or to others. Intoxicated individuals may not be left in the vehicle and separated from the party to "sleep it off.”
  • Any release of bodily fluids (e.g. vomit, urine) in or on the vehicle triggers a $200 cash fee due immediately, per occurrence. Failure to pay this fee may result in termination of the lease, forfeiture of full booking payment, and may result in legal action to collect.
  • Improper or unnecessary use of an emergency exit triggers a $250 fee due immediately, per occurrence. This includes using the rear or side door of any bus. Should use of a side or rear door be necessary to load gear (e.g. coolers), only the Lessor’s Operator may operate said door. THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR PARTY SHOULD NEVER OPERATE A SIDE OR REAR DOOR EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY. Failure to pay this fee may result in termination of the lease, forfeiture of full booking payment, and may result in legal action to collect. If a passenger opens a rear or side door and the driver is not aware, the driver could inadvertently begin driving with that door open and cause harm to people or property both in and around the bus. For safety reasons, we only allow the driver to operate these doors.
  • Lessor is not responsible for injuries in and around the vehicle. Alcohol impairs motor skills, balance, and judgement. Customer and their party members are advised to remain seated while the vehicle is in motion. Per federal law, no passenger may be forward of the standee line while the vehicle is in motion. Move about at your own risk. Please use caution on the stairs.
  • Standing or walking on seats is not permitted. Sitting on seatbacks, cupholder ledges, or other non-seating platforms (e.g. stereo cabinets, speakers, stairs or engine compartments) is also prohibited. Handrails and dance poles are for tangential support only, and are not intended to support full body weight. Do not hang from or do chin-up exercises from overhead hand rails - you could be seriously injured if you come crashing down! 
  • No passenger may hang any body parts, including head or arms, from vehicle windows while the vehicle is in motion. The bus is a wide vehicle and on narrow roads an object or body part hanging out the side of the vehicle may be in the path of street lamps or oncoming traffic. 
  • No trash or other objects may be thrown from the vehicle, either while stopped or in motion. 
  • The Customer agrees to abide by any applicable municipality, county, or state ordinances and is responsible for any violations, citations, or fines as a result of non-compliance. In the event a citation is issued to the Lessor’s Operator for the actions of a Customer or member of their party, the Customer agrees to reimburse the Lessor for the full citation amount, including court costs, within 3 business days. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, stereo volume/noise, indecency, public urination, and littering/throwing trash from windows.
  • No person other than the Lessor’s Operator may occupy or sit in the driver’s seat or area of the vehicle at any time. Even an act as seemingly innocent as posing for a picture or honking the horn could result in the Lessor being fined for having a "driver" without the necessary licenses and qualifications - not to mention a potential DUI for the passenger! 
  • The Lessor’s Operator abides by all traffic and parking laws and have full control over routes selected or pick-up and drop-off locations. It may be necessary to drop passengers off and/or park the vehicle several blocks away from a customer’s destination. The Lessor’s Operator will provide the Customer or their designated representative a phone number to call or text when the party is ready for pick-up. Please do not use the reservation line or published phone number to contact your driver! Please have all party members ready for pick-up prior to calling. If all members are not ready, the Lessor’s Operator may have to “circle the block” to abide by traffic and parking laws. Our reservation and customer service agents are not by the phone 24/7 if you call that number looking for your driver. Please be sure to call your driver direct.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the service is for point-to-point-to-point service. The Lessor does not permit long or entire periods of "just drive around." Please be prepared to give your driver directions or addresses to subsequent destinations. The Lessor's Operator, at their discretion, may permit delayed arrival times (e.g. "taking the long route") to increase time in the vehicle, but this is not guaranteed. "Just driving around" wastes fuel and increases wear and tear on the vehicles. Our drivers are also required to have periodic breaks per federal guidelines and regulations which we utilize regular destination stops for.
  • No persons may enter or board the vehicle if the Lessor’s Operator is not present.
  • The Customer must be present for party members to enter or board the vehicle. In the event the Customer departs from the remaining party members, the Lessor’s Operator reserves the right to terminate the lease immediately and the Customer forfeits the full payment. No split parties are permitted.
  • The Customer agrees to assume full responsibility for any intentional or accidental damage, vandalism, or theft done to the vehicle by any member of their party during the lease period. This includes, but is not limited to, blown speakers or amplifiers (including audio system damage from excessive volume), missing cup holders, broken windows or emergency exits. 
  • Contact period times are enforced. Time extensions may be purchased at a rate of $150/hour and will not be prorated, subject to vehicle and driver availability. The Lessor abides by all US DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration driver hours of service regulations and cannot guarantee a time extension. It’s recommended to lease the vehicle up front for the full amount of time considered. The Lessor’s Operator reserves the right to depart or remove passengers from the vehicle at the end of the contract period.


  • The Customer and its party members are advised not to operate a motor vehicle after the lease period if they have consumed alcoholic beverages. The Lessor’s Operator is not responsible for any claims for injuries, loss, damage, death, liability, criminal or civil litigation for the participating individual arising out of or relating to a lease.
  • The Lessor reserves the right to demand immediate payment for items or incidents required under other clauses of this lease, however, the Customer agrees to pay within 3 business days any invoiced fees (such as cleaning or damage incurred) not immediately collected or issues found after the lease. The Lessor shall have the sole right to determine applicable cleaning and/or damage fees, and the Customer agrees that fees may be greater than Lessor’s actual cost to account for opportunity cost.
  • Should personal items be left behind in a vehicle after your event, please call or email the leasing agent on the next business day to make an appointment to retrieve items. The Lessor’s vehicle storage facility is usually unmanned, and all vehicles locked. Please do not disturb the Lessor’s neighbors by using “find my phone” features to locate or attempt to gain access to the vehicles. Trespassers will be prosecuted! A convenience fee of up to $250, due immediately in cash, may apply for emergency or after-hours (including weekends) access to retrieve personal items. We cannot stress enough the importance of not bothering our neighbors! They do not have access to our vehicles and storage facility, and can do nothing to help you or than call or message us the same way you can. All disturbing our neighbors does is irritate both them and us. We are usually closed and not around on Sundays. Items must be retrieved on the next business day. If you do have an emergency and need to retrieve an item after-hours, the best way to get a hold of us is Facebook and/or email (but we can't guarantee it). Phone calls and voicemails will likely not be seen after-hours or on weekends. 

ENFORCEMENT: Failure of the Lessor to enforce any contract term or condition at any given time does not waive the right to enforce that, or any other, contract term or condition at any point in the future. For example, if our driver doesn't notice vomit on the bus and demand the fee right then and there, we can bill you for the cleaning fee after the event. Should legal action be necessary to enforce these contract terms, the Customer agrees to pay all applicable attorneys and court costs to the Lessor to the maximum extent of applicable law. The Jurisdiction and Forum for this contract shall be Scott County District Court in the State of Iowa. If any portion of this agreement is deemed unenforceable by the Court, the remaining terms of the agreement shall remain in effect and fully enforceable. 

MEDIA RELEASE: The Customer releases to, and assigns full right of ownership to, the Lessor for the use of any photos, images, video, or other media taken during the lease period for marketing and/or legal purposes, including printed, website, social media, or other digital media. The Customer, and/or the Customer’s guests may request, by writing, removal of any media used for marketing purposes and such validated requests will be executed within 21 days of receipt for digital media and 60 days for print media.


ASSIGNMENT: The Customer may not assign this Agreement or any of their respective rights, interests, duties or obligations here-under without the prior written consent of the Lessor. The Lessor may assign this Agreement and any of its rights, interests, duties or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of the Customer.

DIGITAL SIGNATURE:  I acknowledge that my electronic signature carries the full weight and legal standing as a paper and pen signature. 

Additional terms related to Coronavirus/COVID-19:

  • The Customer agrees to rent the vehicle at their own risk and takes responsibility for notifying all party members, guests, and passengers that use of the vehicles is at their own risk and that these clauses and terms shall apply to them. 
  • The Customer is responsible for enforcing all current public health guidelines with all passengers and members of their party, including social distancing, and takes responsibility for any citations issued for violations thereof. In the event a citation is issued to the Lessor for public health violations, the Customer agrees to reimburse the Lessor for all fines, fees, and costs within 2 business days.
  • In the unlikely circumstance where an event is ended early by law enforcement or other government agency, the remaining rental period is forfeited and no refund shall be owed by the Lessor.
  • The Lessor recommends, but will not enforce, Customers and all passengers wear face coverings at all times in the vehicle and use hand sanitizer or practice other hygiene measures frequently. The Lessor's operator will wear a face covering upon the reasonable request of the Customer.
  • The Lessor recommends, but will not enforce, Customers limit party sizes to 1/3 of posted vehicle capacities to optimize social distancing.
  • The Customer agrees to hold harmless and release Lessor from any and all liability, to maximum extent of applicable law, any claims related to possible exposure and any subsequent symptoms or results thereof. 

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all other agreements, either oral or written with respect to the subject matter hereof.

I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years of age.


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